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Awards at 21st Edition of International Conference on Materials Science & Engineering, August 03-04, 2020 at London, UK

Li Li

Doctor, Department of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, University of Queensland, Australia, E-mail: [email protected]

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Outstanding Researcher

In Search of best experts of Materials Science. We are looking those Materials Scientist, researchers and professors who are having more than 18+ years of experience in Materials Science and Engineering published 200+ articles in the renowned journals and are still continued their research to bring more innovative and informative work for people who are involved in this field. We will demonstrate and review the best among our all professionals participants Those will meet the required criteria we will honor them with the Outstanding Researchers Award for their contribution in the Materials Science and Engineering.

Best Discovery

We are going to add one more achievement in your profession by introducing Best Discovery Award. We introduced this award to provide platform for all new scientist and researcher who is continuously working in the materials science field to innovate new things. It will be opportunities for those who have discover something new in Materials Science and Engineering field. You need to register yourself first and based on the criteria we will select the deserving one. You must have new research that have not published or presented before. We will honor all materials experts, Professors, Assistant Professor, Senior lecturers, Scientist who has contributed to give best outcome through their research.

Young Scientist

Motivation always leads for more successful outcome, keeping this as an inspiration for other professionals. We have introduced Young Scientist Award to motivate those experts who have more than 5+ years of research experience in Materials Science and Engineering and still continuing their research for better results. All Associates and Assistant research scientist, PhD Scholar, students are welcome to enroll in Materials 2020 and get nominated for this award.

Best Speaker

To get more recognition is expected by everyone , keeping this in mind to give you more recognition among all other participants who are experts in Materials Science .We have Best Speaker Award. We introduce this to motivate our participants for more fruitful contribution in the conference and continue their research work in future also. The one who give excellent presentation based on the theme of the conference. Your experience will count that is 10+ Years in the field of Materials Science and Engineering. We will review all the designed criteria for this award and nominate the best. You can register yourself online for this.

Best YRF

To motivate the young minds who are the upcoming professionals of Materials Science for better opportunity in future. We are going to introduce, Young Research Awards. We are looking for Young Researchers, PhD Scholars, and who are presently involved in any ongoing research It. will be an add on benefits for them if they are doing part time research expect their studies . We will review the submitted application online and nominate them for their excellent contribution in Materials Science and Engineering. To bring the young minds in main stream of their profession we have introduced this award especially for young professionals. We will also consider them as a speaker for our upcoming next edition conference in near future.

Best Poster

This award seeks for those who is committed for Professional development but presented their work and idea in a more unique and innovative way. The process begins after enrollment and nominated professionals must meet the required criteria. Scholars, PhD candidates, Lecturers, Lab Assistant are welcomed to show their ongoing research activities that have much useful information for our participants. We will review all the submitted application and choose the best poster presenter for a global platform of Materials 2020.

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