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Investigation of Structural and Optical properties of Tantalum Oxide Nano layers Deposited by Electron Gun Evaporation Method as Function of Thickness and Vertical Deposition Angle

Tantalum oxide Nano layers were deposition on glass substrates with four different
thicknesses 30, 60, 90 and 120 degrees in vertical deposition angle, under
HV condition at room temperature with electron gun by physical evaporation
deposition method. Other deposition conditions were the same for all layers. Their
topography, roughness, crystallography, surface morphology and element analysis
were investigated by AFM, X- ray diffraction, FESEM and EDAX analysis. Optical
reflectance measured in the UV-VIS wavelength range by spectrophotometer. By
using Kramers-Kronig relations on reflectivity curves other optical parameters such
as, real and imaginary part of reflective index, real and imaginary part of dielectric
constant, absorption coefficient and optical band gap energy were calculated.


Haleh K and Somayeh J

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